Biotipo Brasil began its activities of production and commercialization of cosmetics in May of 2002. Its factory has a modern infrastructure with own laboratory for analysis and development of newproducts, in besides a team of highly qualified professionals. Its constant investments in technology result in the development of specific lines for the daily care of the health and beauty of the threads. Biotipo Brazil products are fully developed with high quality raw materials,carefullyselectedandwithnaturalandorganicassetsoftheAmazon forest.Biotipo Brazil offers products formulated without Parabens and Petrolato, and are not tested on animals. We offer a complete mix of cosmetic products thatmeetthedifferentbiotypesofwomen. BiotipoBrazilProductsare already available in pharmacies, drugstores, drugstore, cosmetics stores, perfumeriesandbeautysalons.


The petrolatum is not moisturizing and nourishing. It just bring the feeling of moisture, but in fact the hair remains as the same, the effect lasts only until the next wash. The petrolatum accumulates on wires, resulting in a blockage of the hair follicles and may even harm the hair growth. Moreover, it forms a protective film that leaves not get water, nutrients and vitamins necessary for hydration of the hair. Thus leaving the wires weak and brittle


Some research points parabens as potential cause of skin allergies, premature skin aging and increased predisposition to skin cancer and breast cancer. According to studies, parabens are absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream, where they act as hormone disruptors. They bind to cell receptors of estrogen and induce the cells to act as if they were activated by natural estrogens (female hormones). There is evidence that the continued effect of hormonal disruption caused by parabens is associated with increased likelihood of hormone-dependent cancers


Sulfate is a detergent that provides astringent and aggressive cleansing to the hair, eliminating the natural keratin and hair oiliness. By removing this natural hair protection, it causes frizzy and brittle hair.


Products without this component have the advantage of being less aggressive to the hair, especially for those who are debilitated by harmful chemicals or colorings processes, not forgetting daily aggressions, as the sun, pollution, dust, moisture, etc. They make less foam, and different from ordinary shampoos, help in the durability of color on wires.


All our Biotipo Brazil products are developed from high quality materials using natural and organic ingredients.
We offer products Parabens and Petrolatum Free and we do not do Animal Testing.